Jul 14

Democrats Asleep at the Wheel

Mismanagement Costing North Carolinians Last week, a report from the legislature’s Program Evaluation division revealed that $635 million was wasted on community mental health services because of poor planning and lax monitoring by the state Department of Health and Human Services.  (“Report: $635 million slipped away,” News & Observer, 7/7/09) This combines with other discoveries of […]

Jul 13

Pay-to-Play Politics Alive and Well in Easley Administration

The News & Observer continues their series entitled “Executive Priviledge” chronicling the deeds and misdeeds of former Democratic Governor Mike Easley, the former first lady and their friends.  The latest installment features the story of a Lee County town who only had their roads project considered after members of the community made contributions to Easley’s […]

Jul 13

Democrats Choose Fishing Pier Over Teachers

While Democrats continue closed-door negotiations scheming to raise taxes on North Carolinians and threaten budget cuts that will harm teachers and the sick, disabled, and elderly, they continue to defend a $25 million fishing pier being built in the home of Democratic Senate Leader Marc Basnight (D-Dare). Nag’s Head lavish pier gets a lashing By […]

Jul 10

NC Spin: Finding a Billion Dollars

The Governor and Legislators are talking about needing nearly $1 billion to plug the hole in the state`s budget this year. We`ve found it. Look at these numbers: $635 million wasted in Department of Health & Human Service (The N&O, July 07, 2009) $100 million overrun in Department of Public Instruction Computer Program (The N&O […]

Jul 10

The Billion Dollar Lie

Rep. David Lewis (R-Harnett) has launched a media campaign to inform taxpayers that Legislative Democrats are misleading the people on the amount of the budget shortfall in order to try to justify job-destroying tax increases on North Carolina’s families and businesses. [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mCmBGmY_v-Q[/youtube]

Jul 9

Easley Investigation Continues… Grand Jury to Meet Next Week

Feds subpoena more Easley records Under the Dome July 9, 2009 A new subpoena issued to N.C. State University seeks more documents about Mary Easley‘s jobs at N.C. State and shows that investigators wants to know more about deleted e-mail messages from former Chancellor James Oblinger’s high priority account. The subpoena was received this week, according to […]

Jul 9

Greensboro News & Record: “Perdue wants too much trust”

Editorial July 9, 2009 Parents often explain orders to their children with, “Because I said so.” That works until the kids are old enough to demand better reasoning. A preschooler might swallow a spoonful of terrible-tasting medicine “because I said so,” but a more worldly youngster needs to hear that it will make him feel […]

Jul 8

Perdue Ups Ante, Now Calls for “Temporary” Taxes

Another New Direction, Expect Same Old Result Raleigh, N.C. – After first promising the voters in last year’s election campaign that she would not raise taxes, Governor Beverly Perdue sent her budget proposal to the General Assembly in March and proposed raising about $500 million in “sin” taxes.  In June, she jetted around the state contending that […]

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