Mar 25

Senate Introduces Fifth Regulatory Reform Bill in Five Years

North Carolina Senate Republicans on Wednesday introduced their fifth regulatory reform bill in five years.

The Regulatory Reform Act of 2015, sponsored by Sens. Trudy Wade (R-Guilford), Andrew Brock (R-Davie) and Brent Jackson (R-Sampson), continues to improve the state’s climate for job growth while increasing needed protections for the environment and the public.

“For decades, unnecessary government regulation was a real roadblock to job creation in North Carolina,” said Wade, Brock and Jackson. “This bill continues our efforts to remove ambiguous, onerous, obsolete and sometimes ridiculous regulations that increase the burden and expense on North Carolina families and job-creating businesses, but do little to serve the public interest. And at the same time, it increases a number of important environmental and consumer protections.”

The bill:

  • Eliminates outdated, duplicative and expensive reporting requirements and studies so state environmental and health care officials have more time to focus on their primary responsibility of protecting the environment and the public.
  • Makes it easier to repurpose old industrial sites that are deemed safe into new economic centers while complying with federal law.
  • Directs DENR to waive civil penalties on anyone who proactively asks for an audit or discloses self-identified threats to the environment, encouraging transparency and empowering citizens and businesses to seek the state’s help in protecting resources.
  • Increases penalties for illegally parking in handicapped spaces.
  • Increases the fine for failing to properly secure children under the age of 16 in a moving motor vehicle.
  • Explores opportunities for more cost-efficient and effective recycling systems for computers and televisions.
  • Gets rid of a century-old ban on cursing on the highway.

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