Aug 3

Senator Tucker Announces Retirement

Senator Tommy Tucker on Thursday announced he will not seek re-election to the N.C. Senate. Senator Tucker has represented Union County’s District 35 seat for four terms since his first election in 2010.

Senator Tucker made the following statement:

“I have long believed in term limits for judges and politicians. After serving four terms in the N.C. Senate, the time has come for me to allow others to step in and serve Union County and our state.

In 2010, when Republicans assumed leadership of the N.C. General Assembly for the first time since the 19th century, our state faced enormous challenges. It had unfunded liabilities totaling billions of dollars, personal and corporate tax rates that drove businesses and families across state lines and an ineffective tax structure that stifled economic growth. Now North Carolina has unprecedented economic growth, substantial annual budget surpluses, an ample rainy-day fund and highly competitive teacher pay.

I leave confident knowing we have put policies in place that will keep North Carolina moving forward well into the distant future.

The personal relationships I have made with fellow legislators, staff, constituents and visitors – across party aisles – during these years will undoubtedly continue throughout my life.”

On a more personal note Senator Tucker stated:

“In 2000 I stepped away from serving as a Union County Commissioner and fully dedicated that time to raising my son and daughter. I would not trade that time for anything in the world. Now my children have children of their own. Next year my grandsons will begin t-ball. I know of no greater undertaking than that of playing a central role in their lives. They are only young once.”

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